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Venn Rims

Our Road wheel range has evolved, X-Axis rims made by VENN

The advantage of handbuilt wheels is combining the best individual components to produce the best complete component. 

Venn Rims is a new additional to our range. Visit the Store to have a look.

X-Axis now offers the best hubs, rims and spokes available.
We build both Rim brake and Disc road wheel options.

Venn reinvented the wheel - with Filament winding, they are the ONLY rim available that is filament wound, this means there is no hand layup of the fibres in the rim, it is completely machine wound.

Many brands advertise they filament wind but this is false, Venn spent many years developing the technique and patented the process once they mastered it. Some of the key benefits of Venn rims and Filament winding.


Better quality and batch uniformity

Because filament winding is a machine managed process there are no human errors. Hand layup errors are one of the biggest drawbacks of handmade rims. This leads to higher accuracy, precision and consistency giving the best rim available.

The best method for manufacturing Carbon Fiber products 

Filament winding is theoretically the best method for manufacturing carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) as all fibers are placed under constant tension, reducing the bending and crimping of fibers like in a traditional weave and placing the fibrers in the optimal geometry with out compromise like a traditional weave or tape.

This results in the highest possible strength to weight and stiffness to weight ratios.

45 degree fiber bias

 Our current winding pattern employs a +45/-45 degree winding bias which results in Venn rims and wheels having very high lateral stiffness (side to side), but lower than average radial stiffness (up and down). This results in wheels built with our filament wound rims being very stiff and responsive to acceleration, while enhancing road holding and lowering the occurrence of tire pinch flats or rim damage due to impact.

Heat resistant resins

Venn custom formulates high glass transition temperature (Tg) resins for use on our rim braked rims. The latest resins that used show excellent measured performance at temperatures approaching 240° C (464° F).

 Wind Tunnel Proven

Our Venn 35 rim has wind tunnel data to back up its credentials. You can be confident that our rim does not just look aerodynamic, but that it actually is aerodynamic. The results show that the Venn 35 rims compare very well to much deeper profile rims while offering superior handling in cross winds and lower weight.

 CFD Computational Fluid Dynamics Designed

The Venn 507 does not have the currently popular “U” shape. This is not an accident but a result of extensive CFD work. In our (and others’ see new Enve rims) research we found that “U” shape rims do not have good aerodynamics with wider tires, and that the only way to make the “U” profile rims more aerodynamic when used with wide tires was to make a very wide rim that would also have to be deeper than 50mm. We did not want to do that since with increase in depth and width the surface area of the rim increases and therefore the rim weight goes up.