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Challenge Tires

What better way to finish off your custom hand made wheels with hand made tires.

Road Cyclocross Track Gravel Triathlon Mountain Bike

Manufacturers of the world's best Hand made tires.

World Champions, National Champions, Pro Tour teams and Elite athletes all ride Challenge

Featuring supple Silk, Cotton and Poly cotton casing with the natural rubber tread compounds.

Silk provides the highest ride quality, with threads so fine we don't measure the thread count, and is stronger than cotton and polyester. Corespun cotton casing is lite and supple, and available up to 320TPI for maximum control and performance. SuperPoly and Poly polyester casings are less expensive and more durable, still providing the qualities of top-end tubulars.

Not only is natural rubber more supple than synthetic rubber — which accounts for the majority of the world's tire production — the grip is far superior. 

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