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Mountain - Custom Wheels

Our Mountain Bike wheel range has evolved - see our range

The advantage of handbuilt wheels is combining the best individual components to produce the best whole component. 

X-Axis now offers some of the best components available.  We use our skill and craftmanship to deliver a wheel that best suits your needs.

When determining what are the best components there are many variables to consider and what importance an individual puts on each.

  • Terrain
  • Riding Style
  • Frame
  • Stiffness
  • Compliance
  • Stability
  • Tire width and interface
  • Weight
  • Appearance 

Each component will affect how the total package responds and acts as wheelset.

We have selected components to cover all variables so contact us to discuss how we can build you the Best wheelset for you.

Brands that we recommend and use

Project 321

Industry Nine

Derby Rims



DT Swiss